A biography of Mark Zuckerberg is as interesting as a sea. One only needs to notice the properties and relations of Facebook, which were mentioned in the article. In his bio, there are many links to various other social networks like Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, and even Friendster. He is the owner of Facebook and he also owns Twitter. Recently, we have seen him losing its place in being the leader of the top social network in the US and is not the top provider of the service in any way. He is one of the highest wealthiest men in the world.

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Even a simple discussion about Facebook with him would prove this. However, we can still conclude that Facebook has huge user base. This is an important fact for those who were not aware that Facebook can become the most powerful online communication platform after Google had begun. He is the owner of Facebook. He is the owner of Google and he knows what is in store for them. In fact, he knows the future of search engines and he has forecasted the death of Google for quite some time now.

Many times, Google has started wars with other social networking sites like Friendster, MySpace, and other related sites. As a result, it is clear that Google is one of the largest players in this game and many of the business organizations and many other persons who were more interested in the design of the websites than on the design of the site themselves. It is obvious that Facebook will soon overtake the power of Google. At present, Google is far ahead but Facebook is right behind. At the moment, Facebook has a huge user base and it is considered to be one of the greatest social networking platforms ever created.

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