Born in a family of a Punjabi farmer’s caste, Mahendra Singh Dhoni grew up immersed in the tough life of the country. The first five years of his life were spent in the fields of Punjab. From the age of eight, he was given as a prize in a cricket match to a boy of the village. Dhoni has inherited his mother’s commitment towards the game of cricket and his family is known to have never missed a single match in the past few years. From a young age, Dhoni loved playing cricket so much that he was picked for his school’s team to play cricket. He would go on to keep score in school matches and almost all of his personal score records are in the forms of runs, wickets, and hundreds. In fact, Mahendra Singh Dhoni family has not been at all bothered about his achievements as his family is comfortable with his work as a professional cricketer. playtamil

Mahendra Singh Dhoni Car Collection is quite famous all over the world. This is the reason that Mahendra Singh Dhoni Biography is becoming one of the best-selling book about Mahendra Singh Dhoni. The India captain has quite a good collection of Mahendra Singh Dhoni Cricket Records and Mahendra Singh Dhoni Lives in a brand-new home. He is the first and only cricketer to have his own homes in every city in India. He spends most of his time away from the field, in those homes, talking with his friends and fans through his unique communication gadget known as a mobile phone. Apart from playing the game of cricket, Mahendra Singh Dhoni also enjoys spending his time with his fans.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni Biography tells us that he was born in a farm, but his family worked hard to make him have a good career in the cricketing world. Mahendra Singh Dhoni also has a unique living style. It is quite interesting to know that he has never missed his season ticket for cricket matches. Mahendra Singh Dhoni Car Collection is the perfect idea for cricket fans who love to collect various Mahendra Singh Dhoni Cars.

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